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Public trains

YUXINOU Logistics has been specialized in the container express train service since it was established in 2012. In comparison with the traditional cargo transportation , the average transportation time of our service (13-15 days) is 20 days less than one-way River-Ocean combined transportation and transportation cost is only 1/5 of air freight cost . One main route: Chongqing-Duisburg westbound and eastbound. Via Mataszewicze, Brest, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries and regions. And Cargos are distributed from Duisburg to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other European nations. Also via Chongqing to the inland of China and Southeast Asian countries. N supporting routes: Chongqing to Alamaty, passing Dostyk(planning to open up Horgos/Altynkol port), and then to other major cities via Alamaty in Central Asia and Russia.

International railway transport service

Yuxinou(Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. devotes to the railway transportation and the international multimodal transport service in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Staffs specialized in the field of international railway multimodal transport, are able to carry on the entire complex and unconventional transportation demand. After years of efforts, we have established significant service network in many countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. A huge number of containers owned by our company help customers save considerable transportation cost between Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and China. Therefore, we can ensure the reliability of transportation charge as well as the efficiency of the service. International railway containers multimodal transport Provides real-time tracking information of cargos Provides local Custom Business service Using high security seal and linearity locks to guarantee the safety of cargos


Yuxinou(Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. is armed with a sound professional sales team structure. Our professional staffs will research various transportation schemes in accordance with potential problems, and make reliable decisions related to all kinds of emergency and complicated situations. we have a professional management team, therefore, regardless of size and destination, we can suit measures to local conditions and provide door-to-door transport scheme to our customers.

Multimodal transport scheme

Provide guidance and monitoring

Personalized customization and service for block container trains

Transportation insurance

Consolidation cargo service

YUXINOU Logistics is one of the earliest companies provides international railway transport services between China and Europe in China. Based on the firm foundation, it opens up and develops the international railway transport service for consolidation cargo. Our company is the first carrier launched international railway transport LCL cargo service in China, and sets up the professional image “the railway transport LCL experts”. Yuxinou(Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of the industry all the way. 1.Innovation service: international railway transport LCL cargo from China to Duisburg. 2.Perfect network: YUXINOU Logistics has perfect network service in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. 3.Convenience: we provide door delivery service, stable delivery time. 4.Normal operation: FCL, decrease the intermediate links, and reduce costs for you ti improve efficiency.

CHINA. Europe Trailer service

Our company provides trailer service to cooperate with cargos out of the containers in the process of transit. As for the goods cannot be transported by air cargo, we have introduced door to door clearance bulk transportation services. Every day, flexible and fast, and no matter how small pieces of cargo are, they can be delivered for you quickly.

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